How does pricing work for AI search in linked fields?

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I'm sitting with a client who needs have a massive library of materials that is put into subgroups depending on category. I thought the AI search could be a potential game changer, however they don't want to switch it on before they have an idea about cost.

We've been trawling the Airtable AI and billing section, but so far haven't found where it says how much credits the search functionality takes. 

Does anyone know?

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Community Manager
Community Manager

here is what I found:

Airtable AI is only available as an add-on for Team, Business, or Enterprise Scale plans.
Estimates above are based on blog posts with 1,000 words or translations of 200 words.

FREE Plan:

10 blog posts OR 50 translations
So at the free level you would get 10k words included and 70k at the first paid level. (both per month)