How to Allow Multiple @domains On Grid-View Sharing Link

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

When creating a sharing link to any of the views (Grids, calendars, etc) within my Base, I have the option to allow viewing only from a particular @domain. Is it possible to add multiple domains to this option, or can I only designate one?

Or, I can only designate one domain per share link, but I can create multiple share links, each for a specific domain?

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It's more like the second option. There is one domain per share link. There is one share link per view. But you can create multiple views that all look the same., each with its own share link and domain. 

You can duplicate the view to make more views with the same info. If you need to change the view settings later, you can copy the view configuration from one view to the other.