How to automate linking multiple records with the same value to another table

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4 - Data Explorer

Hey there! As I am new to using Airtable, I am wondering how I can link multiple records with the same value to a record in a different table. Let me be more specific below.

I have two tables:
1. New Users (A list of unique new user that started using an application)
2. Guide views per visitor (A table with records that record every single in-app guide view, progress, date, etc.)

In the Guide views per visitor table it is possible for there to be multiple records of the same user, for instance when person A has seen guide X (record 1) and guide Y (record 2). Ultimately, I would like to showcase which guides every new users has seen in a column in the New Users table. Would love to hear how and if I will be able to do this through linking records or automation?

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Autolinking is one of the basic and often used automations, simple enough to just try and thus learn to create.  I usually set the Trigger "when record matches condition", which is  "some fields has data, but the  link field is empty".
You can use easiest way, when some table has 100% unique primary field. Then you need just 1 action - 'Update record' to put value in  linked field of a second table.
But more accurate way is to put a list of record IDs into link field of a given record (amount of IDs might be 1 or 0). So, you need 2 actions: at first 'find records' to get a list of IDs to link.
Note that you should choose Dynamic to use data from trigger.


and then put it into link field