Re: How to pre-fill a form with a record from a synched table?

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Hello all,

I hoped to close a project that I worked on for a few weeks today just to realize that synched tables do not behave as I expected. Using synched tables, records get a new Record ID in the destination.

My workflow works a lot based on (pre-filled) forms. Now how can I pre-fill a form with a record from a synched table?


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Just use the formula RECORD_ID() in your source table, and then sync that field to your destination table.

That does not seem to work because records get a new Record ID in the destination.

You can see the record ID from the source table in your destination table. But no, that doesn’t represent the record ID of that record in the destination table. It lets you pinpoint that record in the source table, though.

In my case, the Record ID is dynamic. The record contains a button, prefilling another form referencing to the record that was selected in the first place.

The Button looks like this:”&{Record ID}

The dynamic {Record ID} references to the source but should refer to the destination. I am sure there are good reasons why record ids change in synched tables… for this case it sucks.

The form I want to fill “lives” in the destination table, not the source table. If that makes sense.

Not sure I understand what you’re trying to do. You have access to both record ID’s in your destination sync table, so you can do whatever you want to do based on either record ID that you desire.

Also, destination sync tables are read-only, so you can’t change any records there (unless you add new fields on the destination side).

If you’re having trouble with creating your prefill link, I would check out @kuovonne’s Prefilled Forms extension:

Thanks for taking the time to help. Let me try to explain better.

EDIT: While I was writing everything down, I noticed my mistake. The form must live in the destination base. Now it works. Thank you for your help!

Just to clarify, your form can likely live in either base, but I’m glad that you got it working for your needs! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes:

I don’t think the form with the button containing the formula below can live in either base:{Record ID}

Only within one base the “dynamic” {Record ID} is known and refers to a record in that base.
If you are interested I am happy to explain it in more detail.