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4 - Data Explorer

Hello, all! First time asking here since usually I read through all possible solutions for my problems before posting a question.

The last time I made a form was prior to the current updated interface. I had some old databases that I duplicated so I don't need to create new setups and forms. However, when I edited my old form I saw that I had disabled it prior. But now I could not find the setting to re-enable the form despite being able to generate new links for it. The only way for me to make a working form is to make a new one from scratch.

Was this feature removed from free plans or is it a bug? Thanks!

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This is yet another major screw-up from Airtable. Be sure to report it to


Also, be sure to add your comments to this thread.  That is the thread where Airtable employees announced that they changed the share button… but they hire such low-quality engineers at Airtable that they didn’t even realize that they screwed up this situation.