How to view/sort by frequency?

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi, sorry if this is in the wrong thread. New to airtable and would appreciate help on:

- How to view/sort by frequency (i.e. Field A has single-lined text that varies for each record, i.e. GreenMarbles)

- I'd like to view/sort it to look something like this:
GreenMarbles 14
BlueMarbles 12
RedMarbles 3

- is there a formula/rollup/automation/etc that can count frequency of a word in Column A and show the frequency sum for each word somewhere (another field, table footer etc doesnt matter as long as it' in the same view/page). Preferably free, but not required.

- and then how do I sort records by highest to lowest word frequency in Column A? Many thanks!

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It's quite easy. Duplicate the field and then turn copy into Linked field. When selecting the table to link, choose new table and give it a name. 

The same effect you got, if you create new Linked field (linked to a new table) and then copy-paste whole column with values into it. For each value, Airtable searches same in a primary field of a linked table, and if not found, creates new record with that value.

Now move to a linked table, it has 2 columns: first is unique list of your values, second is links (one or many). Create new field 'Count'. It's a computed field that will contain frequency. Return to your main table and add this "Count' as lookup.

It's rather single-run action, so you can turn this Count lookup into usual text/number to break connection with linked table, and then remove second table and link to it. Now sort and do anything you want.