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Re: HTML Emails with SendGrid Block

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I’m loving the idea of the SendGrid block, but from my experimentation, it appears emails can be sent only as plain text, which is virtually useless. SendGrid’s API makes it very easy to specify emails as HTML. Am I missing an option to send as HTML? This is the difference between a wildly useful tool and one that offers minimal utility.

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The SendGrid block now supports HTML! Just check the “Send as HTML” toggle when drafting your message.


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I’d love to see HTML or markdown formatting available in the SendGrid block. I want to use it to send simple transactional emails, but the inability to make text bold or italic limits the legibility and efficacy of these emails.

Related post regarding need for markdown in the long text field here: Formatting options for Long Text

I second this motion. Plain text is indeed all but useless. Adding HTML support would unlock an incredible array of possibilities and use cases here. Please add ASAP.

Any updates to this request? I’m also eager to use SendGrid for integrated emails, but need html support to be able to link to website, include images etc. Help! Thanks!

Ditto! Airtable, please make this happen. I’d like to throw out my old CRM tool and replace it with you, but I need the ability to mass-email with rich text editing.

We’re in the same boat! This would be a game changer.

Same here. This lack of basic formatting is forcing us to explore all sorts of kludgy alternatives. How could such a basic piece of functionality be missing?

I agree on the formatting issue.
I have an additional problem – I can produce things like tax receipts for each individual, but I cannot send them via e-mail. This was one of the specific functionalities that I upgraded to get. (May not keep the Pro Account as a result.)

It bothers me that AirTable does not respond at all to most of the requests in this forum. It leaves a poor impression.

Can anybody tell me how to put unsubscribe link of sendgrid below ?
I am currently on a 14.95 USD (base price) plan that allows emails to be sent via API,.

I am able to use it on block but how to give my users unsubscribe option?

sendgrid only make your life more miserable.

Would love to see this added! Trying out my first use of the Sendgrid block today and was surprised to see this is not an option. My use case is to send a quick update email to all the students at our (new-ish) online school and the plain text makes us seem not very credible. HTML could help, but also formatting in general and ability to upload our school logo would go a long way.

I agree 100% with all of this. If we could format in HTML or just use a pre-made Sendgrid Template that we then just drop in the reference fields, that would be amazing. Plain Text just doesn’t look professional.

The SendGrid block now supports HTML! Just check the “Send as HTML” toggle when drafting your message.