I'm gonna cry

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I swear this is the most basic problem ever.

The **bleep** promo on my side menu is covering all my work spaces.

The Airtable bot and I...we don't vibe. 

Can someone please help me

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I like new interface. After some tuning - like choose 'show bases only' and star a few most used bases. 'Starred' is a main part of my workplace on the page, sometimes I refer to time-sorted.
But It's also important that user can return to old view. This option located in Account menu, at the bottom, near log out.
But this thing is really a fly in the ointment


Being Enterprise plan user, I was *very_suprprised* by such irrelevant unclosable ad on the most important place. It can be disabled by ad blocker, but that may affect some other functionality, like insights counters.
Of course, I can revert to old interface, but I hope to use new if this thing can be moved somewhere else.