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5 - Automation Enthusiast

If the cell is BLANK I want it to show up as blank in the field rather than ERROR

For example: IF ({Date of Donation} = BLANK()," “) but this isn’t working and right now I do not have the if statement so it is showing up as error.

I also want another IF statement that says : IF {{First Name} & {Last Name} = BLANK(), " {Organization }"}

So if the first name and last name are blank enter the organization name instead.

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Welcome to the community, @Tito_Alverio! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: While the CONCATENATE() function could be used to do what you describe, it doesn’t do anything that the & concatenation operator can’t do, and “&” is a lot faster to type. Get rid of the CONCATENATE() function wrapper, replace the commas between items with the “&” operator, and you have the same result.

I get ERROR if the field happens to be blank when using “&”. Someone on my team notified me to use CONCATENATE as it ignores blank fields.

This got me the result I was looking for and no “ERROR” when the field is blank. (The first two fields in the formula are usually always filled out by my department, but the last two may be blank and I wanted a way to make sure the formula still worked)

CONCATENATE(Brand, " ", Show, " ", {Execution or Sub-Show}, " ", IF({Shoot Date},DATETIME_FORMAT({Shoot Date}, ‘YYYY-MM-DD’))

You didn’t mention which field you’re referring to when talking about “the field” (the one that’s blank), but I’m guessing that you’re talking about a date field. What’s solving your problem is the IF() function that you’re using. It’s not a “&” vs CONCATENATE() issue. Here’s that same formula rewritten to use the “&” operator:

Brand & " " & Show & " " & {Execution or Sub-Show} & " " & IF({Shoot Date}, DATETIME_FORMAT({Shoot Date}, "YYYY-MM-DD"))

The only problem with this is that you have a trailing space if the date isn’t appended to the end. Here’s a variation that only adds the separating space if the date is present:

Brand & " " & Show & " " & {Execution or Sub-Show} & IF({Shoot Date}, " " & DATETIME_FORMAT({Shoot Date}, "YYYY-MM-DD"))