Import CSV to ignore case when merging with existing records

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4 - Data Explorer

I import product data via CSV from multiple platforms, some of which use all caps if the part number includes letters, some which contain lower case. I didn’t realize this would cause duplicate records in my base. Thankfully, I discovered DeDupe Block.

Is there a way to ignore the case sensitivity when importing a csv file to an existing base so I don’t have to edit the part numbers in my CSV prior to import?

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Welcome to the community, Sarah! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: There currently isn’t an option to control case sensitivity when importing data from a CSV file. My recommendation would be to decide what case you want to use in Airtable (which you’ve probably already done), and write a small external script that will quickly process your CSV file before you import. This should be easily doable in Python. If you’d like a hand with the script, message me.