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Import data into AutoCAD, is it possible?

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I’m curious if anyone else has tried pulling data from Airtable into AutoCAD. I understand that AutoCAD can connect to SQL databases or an ODBC source. That makes me wonder if I could connect to Airtable through the ODBC Data Source Administrator in Windows to then connect to AutoCAD.

Thoughts or Ideas?

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Hi @Greg_Witkamp - you can’t connect to Airtable with ODBC - the only way to get data out of Airtable (without resorting to manual methods) is via the Airtable API which follows the REST style

Ha! Well, I guess I should have Googled first:

There is an ODBC driver, but it is 1) something you will need to buy (price unknown as far as I can see) and 2) just a wrapper onto the Airtable API in any case.

Not clear how this would work for getting data into AutoCAD, but I assume the vendor could give you more info.

Yeah, I came across that one too. I downloaded a trial of Progress DataDirect Autonomous REST Connector for ODBC Version 8.0.0, but I have no idea how to use it.

I’m wondering if I could create a LISP macro in AutoCAD that pulls in the data from Airtable via excel, since it pretty easy to query the data into excel.