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Importing Airtable template from another user

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I want to import a template made by another user. It was created in Airtable. The user says another person successfully imported it several months ago, but she cannot remember how to do it herself. I don’t have access to the other user.

Can someone help with this?

Thanks in advance

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The base creator probably shared the base and provide someone the shared link.

The author says it is an actual template and that one of her students used it a couple of months ago. She didn’t know how the student imported it but doesn’t think it involved anything special as nothing was said to her.

If by “actual template” you mean a base from the Template Gallery, then just go to the template gallery and find it, and click the “use template” button

If instead you mean something that was published to the Airtable Universe, same thing: go there and search for it and click “copy base”

Apologies for not being clear earlier. The template my instructor put together was never uploaded. She linked to it on one of the classwork pages.

Then see my first reply.