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4 - Data Explorer

I created a form in order to book parking spots according to the dates.
I would like to find a way that a parking space can only be taken once a day. If someone fills out the form and chooses the spot 1 for October 5, I would like the next one to be unable to choose this same spot and only be able to see the remaining spots.

Is there a way to do this in a form?

Thanks for your help


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Welcome to the community, @Louis-Marie_Lamarca! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: If the things that you’re trying to reserve—parking spots in your case—were only available once in a limited quantity, there’s a way to do that with a form (and possibly some back-end automations). However, because there are two data points that affect the availability of any one space—the space number plus the date—that can’t currently be done with an Airtable form. Long story short, Airtable forms aren’t making live connections as the user is making choices. The record only gets created once the form is submitted. Something like this might be possible by using third-party form tools—check out On2Air: Forms which ties in with JotForm—but I don’t work with such tools that often, so I can’t say for sure.