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6 - Interface Innovator

I cannot figure out how does Integromat Trigger field work? What does it actually mean?

I point IM to watch an Airtable and set the Trigger field to date created? I run the scenario and it pulls the record. I I run it again, it gives me “null” result. Does IM look for the latest item in the table and once it registers it, it never touches it again?

What if there is is more than one entry?

Can someone please explain the flow behind the Trigger field?

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You actually have 2 triggers in Integromat: Search Records and Watch Records.

  • Search Records will search for the records that you specify on a regular schedule.
  • Watch Records can be triggered for either new records (using the Creation Time field) or for recently modified records (using any Modified Time field that you specify).

So technically, that’s actually 3 different types of triggers.

Since you chose a Creation Time field, you’re telling Integromat to only look for newly-created records.

How does IM know what a new record is? Does it compare the record creation date to the date when the “Watch Records” (Today) scan is done?

It’s your choice. Integromat gives you the option of when to start.

I think I get it now. New records are the ones from the date when the IM workflow is scheduled to start.

I am not sure why the IM documentation does not include Search Airtable Record and only mentioned Watch New Records. I think that Search Records is more useful.

Thank you.

No. As I said above, Integromat gives you a choice of where to start.

Yes, it is often more useful.

You’re welcome for the guidance!

Integromat gives you a choice of where to start.

Can you please elaborate or provide an example?