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I need a simple formula that will find a specific date AirTable Date Field is formated as ‘2021-06-10’ or ‘YYYY-MM-DD’ I can’t seem to get the right formula to find a specific date IF(Date = 2021-06-10, TRUE()) IF(Date = '2021-06-10', TRUE()) Neither...
I need to search records in multiple databases and if the search result is not empty then set a variable for that particular organization. I will then compose an email using non empty variables. Scan Airtable A base, if the output is not empty, set ...
I can’t figure out a simple formula. Name (field) = John Smith I need the formula to come up with a result if the search for “Smith” is true. I tried IF(FIND('Smith', Name) > 0) Does not work. Please share ideas.
I cannot figure out how does Integromat Trigger field work? What does it actually mean? I point IM to watch an Airtable and set the Trigger field to date created? I run the scenario and it pulls the record. I I run it again, it gives me “null” result...
I am trying to updated a linked record via Siri Shortcuts. I keep on getting error “value is not an array of record ids” The update is done vie Get content of URL. Request Boyd JSON. I figured out the id of the record that I am trying to link to. I t...