Re: is it possible to get a issue number(unique field) whenever the airtable form is submitted

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4 - Data Explorer

I have an issues table and a issue log form is created where users use it to log their issues. Once the issue log form is submitted i want the Issue ID or record ID of that issue to be shown in the form(For example when we post a complaint on swiggy or zomato it will give us a unique ID for our complaint)

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The easiest way would be to add an Autonumber field to your issues table, and use that.  If you want to make the appearance more consistent you can add a formula field such as 

RIGHT(CONCATENATE("000000", ({Issue ID})), 6)
(where Issue ID would be the name of your autonumber field) so that number 1 shows as 000001 rather than 1.  


I don't think so I'm afraid.  You could email the form submitter the record ID maybe?

I have an unique id column but i want it to reflect in the form once the form is submitted. So the users can use the ID to track the status of their issues. Is there any way ?

Thanks in advance


You can create an automation that will trigger on the form submission and configure it to send an email to the person completing the form and embed the field into the body of the email, as in 

"Thank you for submitting your issue. For reference your issue number is 000070 .

Please refer to this number if you need further information".

The limitation being being that the person completing the form would have to be signed in to airtable in order to get their email address.  In addition the email will show "Sent by Automations".  See

On the form itself there is a toggle to allow the person completing the form to request a copy but this method does not let you include formula or autogenerated fields on the email.

Hope this helps