Re: Is it possible to split a record using a comma (i.e. a delimitter)?

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4 - Data Explorer

I have a spreadsheet containing rows of data, the unique identifier is email address in Column A. Most cells (in column A) have only 1 email address, but other cells have multiple email addresses, separated by a comma.

In Google Sheets, I can use the SPLIT formula to take a cell with multiple email addresses, indicate that the comma is the delimitter, and Sheets will “split” the cell into multiple cells that contain 1 email address each. Example Formula: =SPLIT(A1,",")

I’d like to know: instead of needing to split out data using Google Sheets formulas, can I import the raw data into AirTable, and use an AirTable feature (data type, app/block/ automation, etc.) to split the data into multiple records using the comma as a delimitter.

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Hi @Ryan_Villanueva, and welcome to the community!

Yes - totally doable; you just need to write code to do it unless you can craft an insane formula like this or learn how to use the new RegEx features. :winking_face:

As @Bill.French said, JavaScripting is probably your best option here.

Airtable’s new RegEx features don’t really work as expected, since they won’t return multiple results from a string. You might be able to hack it to work, by embedding multiple RegEx functions within the same formula, but that would also require knowing the maximum number of strings that you would be looking for.

MiniExtensions has a RegEx feature that actually DOES work properly & actually does work the way that one would expect a RegEx feature to work.

And for a very easy, no-code/low-code way of doing this, Integromat has a split function to easily handle this as well.