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Is this even possible?

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Hi, I’m just starting out here. Read some of the faq’s and notes but still not sure if what I have in mind is even possible in airtable.

I have a small database of a few hundred or more excel records, but they get old after a year or two and need to be replenished and replaced with new records on a continuous basis through time.

It’s a lot of work to maintain and I don’t want to do all of it. So I’d like to invite several or more participants (collaborators ?) to share the workload with me on a sort of co-op basis. The work of finding and collecting the new record takes time (translation money). I already work with some of the proposed participants and some of them are more selfish/generous with their time in this arena than others.

But the resulting database is/would be of equivalent use to all participants and so I’d like to create a fairness system such that a participants can get a number of records out for their use - only in proportion to the number of records they put in. Even if its for example 2 for 1.

Each record has about 7 basic fields of which 5 are fairly general fields, but 2 are “key fields”.

My hope is to create a system where the 5 general fields can be seen by every participant and used for screening/filtering and deciding for which of the records they also want to see the 2 “key fields”.

But they can only get to see those 2 “key fields” for the records they choose if they have earned equivalent or proportional “credits” from having previously entered other new records themselves with those 2 “key fields”.

So what’s needed is a system of permissions for those privileged views (which I think airtable can provide) but also a system of creating and recording credits for participants who’ve previously contributed fresh records.

Might this be possible within Airtable ?

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