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Re: Issue with date and time copy/paste from Excel

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

When I copy and paste a date and time value between 1/04/2023 16:00:00 and 2/04/2023 01:00:00 from Excel to the Airtable, it automatically moves it by one hour (i.e. 1/04/2023 16:00:00 becomes 1/04/2023 17:00:00). The values are being pasted correctly for any other value that is not between the mentioned range. The field that I am pasting is to has a 'Date' field type and there is not day light savings scheduled at my location during that time. 

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

I don't know how your date field is setup for you but I found this out the hard way - Is Use the same time zone for all collaborators turn on or off and is timezone set?   Those two things can interfere with the time aspect of the cell.

 I find that the paste from excel also behaves differently if I do a copy of cell from excel and paste into airtable cell or a copy of the content from excel and past that into the cell in airtable.


Hi @RonniEloff_VKDe, Thank you for your reply. I had tried every possible scenario but couldn't fix the issues. Airtable support has confirmed that it is a region specific bug related to daylight savings and they are working to going to get it fixed.