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4 - Data Explorer

When using the Airtable field ‘# Number’ Airtable is rounding off my numbers to always end with 000


I’m using the field ‘# Number’ to receive data from JotForm.

The data I need Airtable to recieve is the ‘JotForm Submission ID’ which happens to be 19 digits long.

A JotForm Submission ID could as an example be: 5044932613496971504

In my integration between JotForm and Airtable the number is synced into an Airtable # Number field and come out as: 5044932613496971000



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Welcome to the community, @Thomas_Lysdal! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: In the docs for the number field type, it says this about long numbers:

Number fields are not recommended for storing arbitrarily long strings that happen to be numeric, such as account numbers, because larger numbers (above 15 digits) will be rounded. Instead, consider using a text field in these cases.

On a side note, the “#” isn’t necessary when referring to a number field. That symbol is just there in the field header as a reminder of the type; it’s not part of the name.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

i wanna to use my site jotform to aitable integration is it possible anyone can help with me
thank you