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6 - Interface Innovator

Anyone know what determines how formula-generated numbers are aligned in Kanban cards?

The image below is an example where two formulas, both formatted as integers, end up displaying differently (“Active Projects” are left aligned, “Monitoring Projects” are right aligned). Before I added “-{Monitoring Projects}” into the “Active Projects” formula below, it was right-aligned, but now is left-aligned.

Formula for Active Projects:
IF(Name=“Project Overview”,{Active Project Lookup}-{Monitoring Projects},BLANK())

Formula for Monitoring Projects:
IF(OR(Name=“Fieldwork To-Do”,Name=“Project Overview”),{Monitoring Lookup},BLANK())

Thank you

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It looks like the Monitoring Projects formula is returning the result as text, while the Active Projects formula is giving a number. If so, you can easily change the alignment of Active Projects with by adding &"" to the formula after -{Monitoring Projects}.
Alternatively, you can do the opposite to Monitoring Projects by adding +0 to the formula after {Monitoring Lookup}.

The +0 worked for the Monitoring Projects formula, but the &"" did not work for the Active Projects formula, interestingly enough. I tried some minor variations for Active Projects just in case (adding parentheses, a space between the “” but to no result). Anyway - the +0 solution gets them both aligned the same at least, so thank you @Andy_Lin1 for the suggestions!

Ah, hmm, I was going off of the text/number alignment in grids, but it turns out the Kanban alignment is different altogether.
What’s going on (I believe) is that {Monitoring Lookup} is returning an array rather than a single value (an array of one, essentially). Which reminds me that I don’t know of a way to specify an array in Airtable, but that would be the solution if you want right-aligned text.

Okay, understood. Thanks for following up. For now, having them aligned on the same side solves the immediate problem, but I will keep this in the back of my mind should future solutions come along.