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4 - Data Explorer

I am a tour bus operator, I started using airtable to keep records of my fleet, drivers, and reservations (three tables), but since then I’ve added sales, expenses, work orders, banks, and other workers. I need to collaborate with three users/departments which currently use forms to intruduce information, but depend on the clunky workaround of creating an automation and another form to select what to edit, and I need to limit their access to some tables.

Since sync works only one way, creating another base feeding from my existing one doesn’t solve the problem, but I was wondering if anyone has tried duplicating and dividing the main base and then invert the direction of the sync so the new divided bases are the ones feeding the main integrated one.

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you can add editable fields to synced table, sync them back (to other table of source base), and link returned records with source by automation.