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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Looking to chart a series of data points over time with the following structure.

Column A = Week Start
Column B-G = data points which are items in numbers/hr that relate to one another and would be helpful to see everything in one graph.

Is this possible??

Note: I am aware I could do this in a 3 column base that was structured as follows:
Column A = Week Start
Column B = Tag to modify data
Column C = Data point

The problem with this method is the data is no longer human visible as a table and the number of rows would multiple by 6x. I am also not sure how we would automate data entry in this method. Currently we have a system on another sheet that creates the Week Start that fills this sheet and all of the numbers auto fill. That is a necessity, it would not be possible to manually enter this much data specially in this 3 column format.

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This might help.