Lines and Custom Page Sizes In Airtable Page Designer

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4 - Data Explorer

Hey guys. Is there a way to add lines (horizontal or vertical) in the Page Designer app/block?

What about a way to add custom page sizes in inches instead of just pixels? (I’d like to add support for 11X17 sheets.)

If there isn’t support for these, is there a way to submit a feature request to Airtable?



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Welcome to the community, @Landon_Blake!

You can send your feature requests to

The Page Designer is a pretty underpowered app. There is no direct way of adding lines in Page Designer, but you can create an empty text block (just type in a bunch of spaces for the text block) or create an empty image block, and you can add borders to those empty blocks. The borders that you create can serve as vertical or horizontal lines.

You can also add images if the images are accessible at a URL (or if the image is in your record’s attachment field), so you bring in other graphical elements as well.

For setting the page sizes, yes, you can create an 11x17 page, but for some reason the Page Designer app only understands pixels. So, you would need to convert your inches to pixels. You can use an online converter like this tool:

The Page Designer app needs much more love & attention from the Airtable team, so be sure to email them at to let them know your thoughts & requests.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Thanks for the reply Scott!