Using Search Formula (Zapier) to i.d. an AT record by looking at MORE THAN ONE FIELD

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I’m looking at this Help article about using multi-step Zaps to find and update records in AT:

…and I’m wondering if it’s possible to use the Search Formula field to ask the Zap to look at TWO fields to identify a record in AT instead of just one?

My problem is that there’s no ONE unique field that would allow the Zap to locate a particular record; I need it to consider TWO fields.

For example, it can’t just look at Content Type OR Due Date, because neither of those is a unique field in the view; it needs to look at Content Type AND Due Date to identify the one correct record.

Is this possible?

Thank you!!

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Can you make a Formula field that concatenates {Content Type} and {Due Date} together, and use that field to control your zaps?


You can perform a complex search (such as looking at more than one field) by using a search formula in Zapier:

I tried this, but it didn’t work – I think because my “Date” field actually includes date and TIME, and the TIME does not always match (nor does it need to).

So maybe I’d have to create a second date field that was date only, and use that date field in the concatenation?

My second problem is that I don’t really know how to write search formulas, so all I can do is try to copy the examples in the help article, like this one


Are there additional example formulas anywhere that I could learn / copy from? I don’t know much about writing Formulas, so even though the Help article tells me it’s possible, I need a bit more hand-holding than that, haha. A list of possible Complex Search Formulas and what they do would be super helpful, if that exists anywhere!

Don’t bother with a second date field, just do {Content Type} & ": " DATETIME_FORMAT({Due Date}, 'YYYY-MM-DD')

Thanks for following up, Kamille! Just to be clear, the formula you wrote there would be formula for the concatenated Airtable field, NOT the Search Formula for the Zap, right?

Correct, this is a formula for Airtable’s Formula field.

Okay - thank you! Unfortunately, it’s still not working.

I think I’m going to need to chat with an Airtable rep and explain what I’m hoping to achieve. :confused:

I appreciate your efforts - thank you so much!