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6 - Interface Innovator

I want to analyze communications between different users and need a way to combine different contact methods into a single identifier. I have a sheet that lists all the different contact methods for a single person (email, slack, phone), but not a way to link that to the sheet that keeps track of communication.

I found a solution to this problem in Google sheets after asking the question on stackoverflow. Here’s a link to the sheet, which resembles the airtable i’m using (the formula answer is in C2)

How would I do something similar in airtable? Keep in mind that i’ll have many many contacts and several different types of contact methods (slack user names, real names, emails, phone number etc).

Part of the challenge is that a phone number, slack user name or email is all in the same column. In previous forum questions, Zapier was suggested as an answer, but given the complexity of different users and contact methods, that might be too cumbersome.

Thanks and let me know if i can make the question more clear

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Ok @Justin_Barrett @Mike_McLaughlin I’m a little bit a newbie to airtable and I’ve gone ahead and created a sample base that can hopefully serve as an easier way to give advice. I tried following the steps you all generously outlined, but I couldn’t. Below you’ll find a link for what i hope to create. The key column is noted with an asterisk (i hope this links works)

From here, you’ll see that I want to create the last column in the first tab. Do i need to create another tab? again, appreciate all the help on this. thanks again and let me know if i can somehow work with a real airtable either you or i create. I think that’ll make it easier for me to understand.

much appreciated!

I understand where you’re going, Gregory, but based on Airtable’s features, the concise version in your sample isn’t possible to my knowledge.

Here’s a link to the base that I built for my demo above. Perhaps this will make it easier to follow the description.

Let me know if you have any questions.