Linking a project table with a task table and not all tasks are coming in as a separate entry in the task table

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi there,
I have lots of projects / published blog posts which need stuff doing to them periodically ie tasks. Currently I have a list of the projects with lots of different data points of which one is the field ‘Task list’ a long form text of tasks, separated by a comma (within same field)
eg image

  • not all blog posts have tasks attached to them
  • most tasks are unique to that specific project
  • some tasks are duplicated over multiple projects eg several projects might need their headings checked so all would have ‘headings to check’ in the task list.

What I want is for all tasks to be appear on my task list table as separate lines. This is mostly workinng fine except for the tasks which are duplicated across multiple projects where I get a single line ‘headings to check’ and all the projects are then in one field so I can’t tick them off one by one.

Does this make sense?

How can I stop Airtable combining all the tasks that have the same name but belong to different projects?

Grateful for your help :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

thanks Sophie

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