Linking Airtable form to my website

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4 - Data Explorer

I’m in the process of putting together Airtable for my agency. I used the registration form which I can embed on my Wix website. Then once it’s completed the information automatically goes into my airtable. Unfortunately I’m struggling to get it to work properly. I have the application form then it can be completed and submit. However the information is meant to go straight to the Airtable grid but it’s not working. I have done some research on Airtable and it says the following ‘Embedded forms use popups for redirects so you must allow popups on your site in order for forms to function properly’. I contacted Wix and they said to contact Airtable. The other option is to change from embedded to having nannies click a link to the form that opens a new browser page. I’m struggling to figure out how to do that. Any thoughts are welcome.

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