Question about airtable (How to find the fields titles through search and if it is possible to create a new chart that contains all the fields)

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello airtable community,
When we use the airtable, we have a lot of fields. Lets say we have fields 1 to 10 and 1 is titled “apple” and 2 is “strawberry”. If there are too many fields, like 100, and there are like many charts in different folders, is it possible to search the title of the field? I don’t want to open the charts one by one, but want to find a way to search for the name of the field to quickly find the location. And is it possible to create a separate new folder with a chart that contains all of the fields and its data in one sheet? If we want to do that, does airtable allow us to do so? I would love to hear wisdoms from the people in this field.

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