Linking between gallery views in cards?

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4 - Data Explorer


Am enjoying my first look around Airtable and have a very basic question about the product’s functionality

Is it possible to link “between” gallery views when an individual card is being viewed in a web browser?

In my example I have 2 tables:

Training provider
Training courses

Where the Training Courses a Training Provider offers are recorded via a “Link To Another Record” field

Using this “Link to another record” function it is very simple to have a Gallery View of training providers listing the courses they offer.

If an individual card for a training provider is opened from a shared gallery view in a web browser (and correctly displays the list of Training Courses for that Training Provider), is it possible to then click on one of the Training Course names and be taken to the card for that Training Course, from the Training Course table?

Thx for any advice.


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