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4 - Data Explorer

Hi any way to pull the property data from Zillow API into a record? Would show picture, house info, and then you can link to the site to get more info…

Won’t let me post Zillow API instructions, but it’s on their site.


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10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

You’re not able to link yet since you’re new to the community.

If you want have real-time updates of the data, you’d use integrations or Airtable’s API with some sort of web application running it.

Hi @A_Bevans -

I’ve done integrations with the Zillow API , so feel free to ask more detailed questions.

Hi Bill, I’m working on a similar project to this. If I have a ZWS-ID and ZPID from Zillow, what’s the simplest way to either pull the XML file into Airtable or make an API call from Airtable?

Okay, so - some observations.

  • Why aren’t you already doing this with Zapier? :winking_face: If you don’t want to pay Zapier for real-time throughput or there are nuances that you need and it doesn’t support, then read on…

  • XML is not the payload model that Airtable uses. As such, you have to transform all data from Zillow’s API as JSON. Until recently, this was very complex; they now support JSON, but it’s not the default response format so you need to force that setting.

  • Airtable has no capacity to call out to anything. You can only build API integrations with some sort of middle-tier service. I tend to use Google Apps Script that reads from Zillow and writes to Airtable. There a Google Apps Script SDK but it is woefully difficult to use and a bit too abstract, so I generally write core integration code that works directly with the API using URLFetch(). This also allows me to capture analytics about integration actions.

  • The last time I set up a Zillow integration (into Google Sheets) I had to transform the XML results into JSON and the entire project was about 3 days and $3200. This includes the security, real-time updates, logging, and reports and alerts for failures. Estimating the effort for an Airtable push and it’s likely half that with JSON payloads available now and removing all the bells and whistles.