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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I created multiple tabs in my base. I have one master spreadsheet that I imported in - I am creating several different tabs and would like them to be real - time updated when an updated is made to the master table (same columns and options).

Thank you!

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Can you explain your use case a little more? If all the columns and options are going to be the same in the “child” tables, why not just keep the master table and use filtered views?

I am organizing our client survey and partner - they are different types of distinct interviews and want to keep them separate but the information on them related to data capture is similar (same questions)

To my knowledge, there really isn’t a way to say: If ColumnA in Table 1 has new settings, update ColumnA in Table 2 with the same new settings. You’d have to match all the columns/options for each table manually. You could duplicate the master table and copy and paste records from each child table into the new copies, and delete the original child tables, but of course this is not a convenient workflow.