Linking two existing cells to use lookup

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi Community,

I would like to do something rather simple however, I am struggling with linking tables.
I have an E-mail address column in table A and the same in table B.
All addresses from B are in A, but not all of A are in B.
Whenever a new record (including a 5-star rating column) is added in B, I would like to synch A such that the rating is reflected in a column there too. Thus, similar to VLOOKUP in Excel, when the e-mail addresses match, Airtable should pull the rating in B to A.

Any ideas?

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Hi @Carina_Tiedemann and welcome to the community!

You could use an automation for this.

Trigger: when a records matches conditions
Action: find records
Action: update record

Seems like having the records from both tables together in the same table would be a great idea. Why you don’t do it?