Lost records following findn/replace

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6 - Interface Innovator

Seeking help

I am involved with a project providing holiday gifts for disadvantaged kids.

I have a table named Kids, which is populated by others with info on gift ideas per kid. Entry via online Airtable form.

Yesterday I exported the data to a csv file for use in a mail merge operation. I proudly examined the output when I noticed some records with clearly wrong data in some fields. Yikes!

The cause, I found, was some fields were filled with items that included commas. This messed up the alignment of the comma-delimited input file for the mail merge.

So I determined how to identify the faulty records. I duplicated my Airtable table of 156 records, and did a filter on fields with commas. This gave me a list of 67 records. I performed a find/replace on them, replacing all the commas with periods.

Here is my puzzle: the original Kids table somehow synced with the duplicate, which now means that it no longer has 156 kids…. But only 67.

The good news is that I still have my exported CSV, so the data can be replicated… and I can re-do yesterday’s 4 hours,

Thanks for thoughts on finding the missing records’ table.

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What do you mean you did a “find and replace”? Airtable doesn’t offer a “find and replace” feature.

To get back to your full list of records, you would need to remove the filter that you applied.

re Find/Replace… i set up filter seeking comma in a field. Then manually edited each cell’s comma. replacing manually w period. Multiple passes, since only the first comma is caught in the filter.

FWIW, there are no filters active now.

What caused this issue is export using comma. vs using tab as separator. If record contains a comma, CSV screws up