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4 - Data Explorer

Hi there,

I have a pretty simple question. I have a database that includes some math defintions and in the long text field (rich text enabled) I would like to have for example pi*r^2 as a formula but using symbols. Can I do this in markdown in airtable?

Thank you!

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Airtable’s rich text fields use only a subset of markdown features, not enough to render mathematical expressions. Rich text fields cannot display superscript text for exponents. Airtable also has limited support for entering markdown.

This support article shows the formatting that is supported in rich text fields.

Unfortunately, not possible in Airtable editors. What you need is LaTex support and this is not even made possible through scripting in Airtable. I use LaTex all the time in Coda and oddly, you could use the Airtable API to pull in your rich text fields containing LaTex-like encodings and transform them into elegant mathematical formulas in Coda.

Here’s more on this capability.