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4 - Data Explorer

Hello, I currently have two separate Airtable accounts that I would like to keep separate. However, when I logged into account #1 today, I noticed that I could see the base from Account #2.

Could someone kindly explain why this occurred and provide guidance on how I can avoid this situation in the future? Thank you very much.

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If both accounts have access to the same base, then the base (or its workspace) must have been shared with both accounts. Or there might be a duplicate. Click the "share" button to see who has access to each base / workspace and remove any accounts that should not have access.

Thank you for your response, Kiovonne. I have a concern regarding the account situation. Account #1 is connected to my boss's primary account, whereas account #2 is my personal one. If I can access my base from Account #2 on Account #1, will my boss also be able to see that base? I'm wondering if there's a way to maintain separation between the two. Thank you.

Not sure what you mean by "connected to your boss's primary account". Airtable accounts cannot be connected to each other. Billing for your work account might be handled by your boss's workspace, but that does not link your account to your boss's account. This is assuming that you and your boss each have your own accounts, and are not sharing an account.

To tell who has access to a base, look at the individual sharing places:

- sharing of the workspace

- sharing of the base

- sharing of any interfaces

If someone is a paid collaborator (typically an editor or higher) you can sometimes see them listed at the workspace level as a billable collaborator, but read-only users don't appear there, so you should check each workspace, base, and interface individually if you want to catch everyone with any sort of access.

I have both work and personal accounts, and each account can only see that bases that have been shared to it. Some base are explicitly shared with both my work and personal accounts, but no-one else from my work can see my personal bases, even the bases shared with my work account.