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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

So having built a base to the point where I would like people to see it, I went to create a “shared base link”. From what I’ve read this also the kind of link you might include in a website. It’s marked as a “Private read-only link”.

Well it’s not that private from what I can see on the preview, because on 2 views that I’ve created (one Gallery, one Grid) it seems to happily offer to tell who created those views - my name and my email address appear when I hover over the view.

There surely MUST be some setting to fix this, otherwise sharing Airtable material on a general website is not viable. The alternative is that I’m creating the wrong kind of link, but I don’t think so.

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Hi @Trevor_Mobbs and welcome to the community!

Valid point I think. There is no option that I know of to prevent this. If no one else here can help you, you could email to let them you your user case.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I’ve established that a link for a single view doesn’t have the same problem, but that isn’t really what I want. With linked tables, I’m hoping to let people follow the links from one table to another.

Now discussing with support as well.

Let us know what the conclusion is :winking_face: