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4 - Data Explorer

Hi Everyone. I am a teacher and just started using Airtable to create a music curriculum for my students and then want to use the forms view to track student grades and assessment.

I have created all my tables and finally created a form view for my assessment grading. When I go to select the assessment I am going to be giving (“Level 1 - Bronze”) I want to be able to see more information about that particular assessment. For example, I want it to also include what book its in as well as the page number and exercise number (all information I have in listed in the table - I can see it when creating the form but then I add lookup fields on the form and they say that they are read only and don’t show up on the form).

Basically, I want to be able to select the assessment but see more identifiable info on that assessment when I select it to make sure I a selecting the right one.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Unfortunately, this is not possible in Airtable unless you combine all the information you want to see into a concatenated formula that becomes the primary field — although this is not necessarily recommended because it will look pretty cluttered in Airtable.

Your only other option would be to use an external form tool that supports lookup fields, such as or On2Air Forms.

Hi Stephan, have you checked out the Interface functionality? It would allow you to edit records while also viewing records from another table at the same time. Check out this gif
Need more information in Form View

It can be found here