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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Hi I am trying to add records to a new table by from another table of linked records. Will eventually automate when original table is updated with new but have tons to transfer over. I want the same record to be linked to each other in each table.

Copy and paste will take too long.

Any ideas welcome.

Thank you, Maria

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Something about your description isn’t clear to me. Will these be identical records in both tables, or will the records in the second table be structured differently somehow?

Are you familiar with using views in Airtable? This kinda sounds like a situation where views might be a better solution. Instead of duplicating records, you use views on a single table to control which records (and fields) are visible at any given time.

Thanks for reply. Yes I know about filters but still need to duplicate figures to appear under different categories (fields) To clarify I have an original field of figures and want to duplicate them to show under different field headings for accounts purposes.

I have now worked out how to get the figures to display as I want using rollup/lookup but both require a linked record to work so I need to link them. Doesn’t matter in theory whether in the same table or a new as will have to set up roll/lookups either way.

But going forward I want them to link automatically when new transactions are added in the master table.

So my question is now the quickest way to link multiples records to each other. So have tried copy and paste but randomly I end up with multiple records linked to each other - I only want one to one.

I have just duplicated the primary field and converted it to a linked record so that works now to set looks up in master table but now that means I have to do it manually each time where if I create new table I can use automations.

Was trying to add screenshot but laptop gone on go slow!

Thanks for the info. It sounds like you’re making good headway, but based on your description, I can’t quite picture the layout of your base and what you’re hoping to do with it. If you can add a screenshot or two, that would be helpful. Another option is to record a video demo showing what you’ve got and what you’re seeking to accomplish. A great (free) tool for this is Loom. Record your walkthrough, and it’s instantly uploaded to the Loom website, where you can copy a link to share here.