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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi Community,

I love AirTable. However, I’m running into some low-code architecture dilemmas and could really use your help.

We are building a web-application to easily work with European regulation. Complying to these regulations, requires filling out a ton of details about a business activity such as the CO2 emissions, gender diversity etc.

You can compare our functional requirements to tax tools such as TurboTax. For anyone not familiar with TurboTax, we need to following components:

Member portal

Users should be able to register, login and have access to user specific, or team specific private content.

Data I/O

Users need to specify details about business activities such as its CO2 emissions through a smart form in a browser. The complexity of the information is quite high.

The smart forms should allow for:

  1. Logic, for instance, if the answer to question 3 is “yes”, skip question 4-10.
  2. Help. If a user gets stuck, there should be ample help options available.
  3. Calculation of derivatives. For instance, the total CO2 can be calculated by multiplying the answer to question 5 and 6.
  4. Save and continue later. The complexity is too high to finish the form in one go. A user should be able to logout and continue later.
  5. Mutable. After submitting an answer, the user should be able to return to the question and edit the answer.
  6. Sharing. A user should be able to provide view or editing right to other users.
  7. Exporting. The results of the smart forms of multiple users should be stored in a database to allow exporting of 1 or multiple accounts.
  8. Safe and secure.

As this is an MVP, we are searching for a way to build the tool with the least amount of effort and allow for agility. Therefore, we are looking into low or even no-code solutions.

I already tried a lot of different approaches. As I love AirTable, it would be great to use it as the backend. Do you guys have suggestions which tools to choose from? I especially struggle with the Mutability requirement (Edit existing entries).

Thank you in advance.

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