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Norton is blocking me from using Airtable. It is saying it is a dangerous site. I like Airtable. What is going on?

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Care to share precisely what the dialog says?

There’s nothing about that would suggest anything is dangerous -


Hi there … our office has experienced the same Norton response today … it says “Identity Threat: 1 … Threat Report Phishing Attacks … Threats found 1”

Do you need any other information. I found this thread searching for a possible reason.


Hi Deb,

We can’t really be sure it was the same Norton message because @sheila_selph hasn’t responded yet with any details. But it’s important to realize that there are dozens of versions of Norton tools out there and each one can be configured uniquely. Then there are browser settings and OS settings, etc. The possibilities for encountering over-sensitized security defenses is at its peak.

Have you filed a report with Norton to be certain that it is a legitimate message? Not sure if you are aware, but many phishing attacks begin by posing as Norton and other seemingly protective security systems. It’s possible that what you are seeing isn’t a warning about Airtable so much as it is bait disguised to look like a trustworthy tool.

I don’t work for Airtable but I like to follow these issues because security is a big scary thing now and I don’t want to find myself in a dark alley in North Las Vegas at 2a buying Bitcoin to get my data back.

Hi @Bill.French

That’s too funny.

Mary K

Thanks for your reply. Yes, you are right. I am following it up to find out the details.