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Re: Offline Local Backup?

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Whilst a fan of online apps and data, the paranoid in me wonders what I would do if your website goes down or gets compromised. Is there an easy way to backup my bases for local storage?

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Me too. Seems like this item has been hanging out there quite a while.

Please also add me in the loop :slightly_smiling_face:

In May, 2016, John_Carr said

That was 14 months ago. Can you say where you are on this important feature now in Aug 2017, please?

Please add me to the notification list as well. I’ve started using Airtable for many parts of my job, and it would be great to be able to back up all of my data offline.

Please add us to your notify list as well.

Me too, please. I’d like to be added to the notification list.

Yes, I’d like to know too. Exporting each individual table is a pain. Need to export entire bases.

Please add me to the notification list. Any updates on the progress of this feature would be appreciated. Thank you

Please add me to the list as well. Is there an update on this?

Please add me to this list on this!I really want a way to back everything up (preferably locally, but I’d take a cloud).

Any updates on when this will be a reality @Airtable_Support ?

I would also like to be notified, but it appears no one has responded to this thread in some time. @Airtable_Support

I’m requesting this functionality also.


is there an update on this?

I would like this as well

How has this not been addressed yet? I can’t see how any business person would, as said above, give AirTable the chance to be a single point of failure for their organisation, and especially in a climate of hype-funding, acquisitions, and shutdowns. What happened to DabbleDB? Acquired by Twitter and shutdown.

I don’t imagine the data will disappear in such a case (though not the only case for argument), but not being able to easily access data you own, which your organisation critically relies on, is just not a very intelligent thing to volunteer for.

I am planning to use AirTable for pretty much ALL of my organisational needs, personal and business-related, and this is about the only thing that has me very sceptical, of which only worsens the more time I invest into it. Would be extra cool if you could provide a self-hosted version (I’d consider paying $$$)! :stuck_out_tongue: Then I can manage my data myself through Amazon RDS, etc, Failing that, perhaps the API can be used to periodically read the data and dump it into your own database, of which you can fine-tune the backup and recovery.

RE: “In the next few months we plan on implementing “full base export”, which would include all the cells in every table as well as attachments.” -last update in 2016

Hello, @Airtable_Support. Does the company intend to apply the recent $52M in funding toward the local storage project? Having a hard copy of all company information is critical in cloud tech, where no one is truly safe from being hacked. Personally, the only reason I haven’t ditched Excel for Airtable is because it lacks this function…

…and I really want to ditch Excel for Airtable. Judging from this thread, many Airtable users would benefit from an offline desktop program from the company.

I don’t think you can ditch Excel for Airtable, anyway. It doesn’t offer a fraction of the functionality in Excel and it isn’t trying to replace Excel (as support told me when I asked about cell-based formulas or simple budgets).

Airtable is not and will never be a spreadsheet application like Libreoffice Calc or Excel!You have not half as much functions/formulas and stuff, needed for a typical spreadsheet application. See it as an easy to use cloud based database and for all other stuff stay with Excel.
This doesn’t mean that a local backup function or a offline function with the mobile app is needed. Sometimes you will not have a Internet connection and than you run into a big problem if you need access to Airtable…

Please add the option to do local backups of our bases as well as offline access that updates once the connection is reestablished (much like google docs).

Please add me me to the list as well. This would be a lifesaver.

Hi, was this feature ever added? It seems like there are many people with the same concern / desire, and I couldn’t find any way to do this when looking around Airtable myself. I’d love to be informed as well if this feature exists!