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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi team, I’m loving Airtable but have a couple of questions:
Print View - is it possible to remove all the outside boarders and URLs, and just have the content in the PDF?

Second question - the page designer block, is it possible to have more than one record per page? I want to use it to create a price sheet for our products, but having only 1 record per page means I need to have a page per product.

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In short, I think the problem is that you don’t have a Quotes table, you have a ‘Quote’ table that for me is a “Line Items” table. If you add a Quotes table and relate every Line Item with its Quote record, you will be able to create a Quote from Page Designer. Now you can’t choose a specific record for a Quote (but for a Line Item), and that’s why you can’t create quotes in PD block.

Tomorrow I’ll look deeper.

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I think I found a solution here after banging my head on how to print multiple records on a page. Elias gave me a hint with his grid layout but there’s one step that is the important one and a bit confusing, that is Define a Record Size.

  1. Click the gear icon when looking at the page block designer. Define a “Record Size”. This is the size for one record!! So pick something like 300x200 for a few fields to display for a single record view.

  2. Edit Layout and then print “In a grid” or “In a list” on a full sheet of paper.

Seems obvious now but my record view was 8x11" paper so if I chose “In a list” i got “One per page”.

Hopes this helps.

I can not get this to work the way you’ve done and would love some help please.
example data looks like this…
Events | Students List
event 1 | student a, Student b, student c
event 2 | another list of students
etc | etc

How can I get Page Designer to add the next record?
I have tried all the settings and can only get one record per page. so frustrating!!
Thanks for any help

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Well somehow this is now working… (EDIT: and now it isn’t…) :tired_face:
I don’t know what I did differently, but I toggled the “show cutting lines” to on, and it worked - multiple records per page. I turned it back of and it still worked…

As noted above the records size needs to be set as smaller than one page so it can fit more than one record on there.

Edit: so now I can’t get it to work again…
I copied the working block = tested it and still working
I left all settings the same and I linked to a different table
I then had to link it to the new view; so all data cleared
I added the new record
NOT WORKING - now it prints 1 record per page!!
such a time waste - AirTable you need to look at this block

This Access report is the sort of thing I’m looking to be able to do in Airtable.

Link here.


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This was the key step I was missing - thank you! It allows a sort of pseudo-table view. The challenge I’ve found with this approach is that all records have to be the same height, which doesn’t allow for eg variations in length of content in text fields.

That did help, thank you! I feel like this isn’t how we should have to do this, but at least its giving me an output I can use, thank you very much Bryan!

You solved it! Thanks.

Hi page designer users! Just wanted to let you know that we just released the ability to add borders to elements in your pages. We’ve also updated the page designer support to more accurately reflect the full range of customizat...


Is there any way to make page designer print more than one page in one go when content exceed a one page layout?