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4 - Data Explorer

Airtable should really allow Owners and Creators to limit the possibility of Editors creating non-personal views and sharing content. If I create a table that has specific views, I would want editors to only be able to edit records and not create new views that will only confuse my team. Also, if I didn’t create a shared view of a table, I don’t want editors to able to do so. This is important to maintain the security of my information.

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Having more granular permissions has been a long standing request.

You should be aware that every collaborator in a base, even read-only collaborators have the ability to share all of the data in a base. They also have the ability to copy the entire base, including both its structure and data and keep that copy long after they are removed from the original base.

If this type of security is a high priority for you, Airtable might not be the right platform for you right now.