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Howdy everyone!

Is anyone else having issues with embedding code blocks on the new forum?

Markdown went away 😓 so I used the regular code block from the tool bar, but still there are some funky errors showing up...


If I add just the block by itself - there is no errors in the preview, but as soon I add text above it - it starts showing errors.

Maybe Airtable agrees that good code is self-explanatory and does not require comments? 😂

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Yes, I have been having many problems composing posts on the new forum platform. The “invalid html” issue is not specific to trying to insert code blocks. I also sometimes get that issue when a post contains only plain paragraph text.

In general, I find posting code very difficult on these new forums when I am on a computer. It is impossible on my phone.

>>> Markdown went away

Same experience for me. The new forum is not designed to embrace technical rendering at all. Nor is it suitable for people who have vastly come to know Markdown and other usual and commonly supported rich formatting commands.

In my view, this is a significant step backwards, and as a result, the friction is enough that I am far less excited about publishing anything.