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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I’m not clear how to setup an order form -

The customer (input) experience should be to

  • lookup product 1
  • add product and quantity (or variants) to order
  • lookup product 2
  • add product and quantity (or variants) to order

(customer see’s product total’s summary as we can see in Grouped views

  • submit order request
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None of that is possible with Airtable’s forms. You might be able to do some or all of that with the forms from or On2Air: Forms.

Thank you, the main issue with max x10 extensions per base this is not ideally scalable and Airtable Enterprise is way out of our budget

Also not sure Mini or On2Air can to just this. may be a better option… but probably a bit more techinical and starts a $250/m on business might also work, I need to play with it some more… (native Airtable integration).

Hey @Jay_Data, you don’t need Business right away. Try our Community Edition, and if you need to bring in your team quickly, I am sure we can work something out for you on Business.