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4 - Data Explorer

Hello, I know Airtable recently did an update were they are addressing a security issue by making the share links expire but come to find out its making my profile link images not show to my users because the share link is expiring does any one know a work around this, this is really effecting the functionality of my apps can i just keep is the way it was or make it were it does not expire?

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Hi @Joe_Farias, which app are you talking about? So where is your image showing?

Basically, you can’t hard code the Airtable image URL into an app anymore as it’s constantly changing.

Hello Joe,

I’m having the same issue. You can follow the instructions in here for opting out of this update during the next 3 months: Changes to Airtable Attachments | Airtable Support

@Rupert_Hoffschmidt So basically i use other software to display my front end for my Airtable data base and with the resent update to display example my profile images for my user keeps expiring because of the link expiring i understand that this is for the best a security fix but i think that users should have the option to opt out or turn off this feature since for some of us this was a working function and every database or cloud storage now days has this as an option for you im not sure why Airtable would force this expiring links in my opinion this will make people leave this platform and other to look for alternative solutions.

Hello to all! @Alfredo_Garcia Yes this will work for a couple months! but i have found a solutions to the problem after some testing with of my own, permanent solution a bit of work but will work for now. I made this work with a google drive just made a folder on my google drive with the images i need and just made a direct link to each one of this images and it works if any one need help ill be happy to help.

Hi @Joe_Farias, Airtable’s move is a matter of positioning. It simply wants you to make an authenticated API request for getting attachments. I think it makes sense as dedicated software for this purpose exists: CDNs. Best, Rupert