Ready to use your base pop-up hiding base. Unable to move or close

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I used to be able to use my bases, but over the last few weeks the next steps/ready to use your base? pop-up has become impossible to move. It pops up when I open a base and covers half of the base, but the top of it goes under the toolbar and I can’t move it. So I can’t close it. I basically can only see a few columns of my base at a time. I’ve tried different browsers and it’s the same. I had to get out of the base to even see the help options. Also trying to paste an image showing what’s happening but having unusual problems with that too. Maybe you’ll see it below? Thanks!


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You have to go through all of the training steps in the pop up, even the ones that create new items.

What if I am only reviewing something someone else created? I was able to finally get it to disappear by pretending to do something. But I don’t understand why the box used to be over the toolbar and now it’s under. Feels like a glitch and makes it more difficult to use.

I think it is tied to the user account. So if you created a new user account, you have to go through the steps. Once the user has completed the pop up goes away in all bases.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I just had the same problem, I managed to click near the top, a hand icon appeared as a pose to the mouse arrow and double clicked this. it dropped the pop up box to the bottom corner, just barely visable as a heading. phew. good luck.