Pulling in records from another table to a single record in one table

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Hello everyone, thanks for stopping by.
I have two tables, a “Properties” table which contains all the properties, their type, configuration, and amenities, and a “Members” table which contains the member fields their desired property configuration, desired property type, and the amenities they need.
I’m trying to create a new field on the Members table which has a list of properties(from the Properties table) matching the member’s needs.
I’m pretty new to Airtable and I’m not sure how to achieve this. Any amount of help is highly appreciated. Tysm in advance.

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Welcome to the community, @Social_script! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: Not sure if you ran across this already, but a linked record field is probably what you’re looking for. More on linked records here:

Thanks for the reply @Justin_Barrett! Sorry, I think you didn’t understand it properly. Consider there are two tables, Members and Properties. Members table holds the customer details and Properties table holds the details of the property. Each member has some needs( Example: A member wants a swimming pool, wants property in a certain location, etc,.) and each property has features(Example: A property has a swimming pool, it is in a certain location, etc,.). I have a reference field in the Members table where I can pull in property from the Properties table. What I’m trying to achieve is I want airtable to automatically populate that reference field with properties that satisfy the member’s needs. Is it possible in Airtable? Or is there any workaround for this. Thanks in advance.