Re: Query scheduled column to match date/time in Integromat (within 15 minutes)

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6 - Interface Innovator


I’ve found a previous post which was answered by @Justin_Barrett about searching for Airtable rows based on the scheduled date and time.

Thank you so much for that, that helped me out a great deal…however I need to get it to around 15 minutes and I can’t work it out.

I used your formula but added H:mm to give me the minutes and hours

DATETIME_FORMAT(Scheduled, “D/MM/YYYY H:mm”) = “{{formatDate(now; “D/MM/YYYY H:mm”)}}”

I was hoping I could schedule a post for the that exact date and time and show the contents but it won’t.

Once I had that working, my plan was to get the ‘now’ (date and time) from Integromat and add 15 minutes so it would check the rows for any thing scheduled for the next 15 minutes before Integromat makes the next check in 15 minutes time

DATETIME_FORMAT(Scheduled, “D/MM/YYYY H:mm”) = “{{formatDate(now + addMinutes(; 15); “D/MM/YYYY H:mm”)}}”

I fully expect this not to work as the first part didn’t.

What am I doing wrong?

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Could you please share the link to the post where I gave the original solution? I don’t remember the details off the top of my head, and I don’t use Integromat that actively any more, so I’m a little fuzzy on where to go without comparing against what I wrote originally.

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Sure it was:

Any luck?

I tried all night and no further forward

Sorry that I didn’t check back sooner. My schedule doesn’t leave me with a lot of time to visit this forum.

One thing that I notice is that you added separators to the formula. In my original, I didn’t include slashes between the segments; e.g. DDMMYYYY vs DD/MM/YYYY. I’m not sure if removing the separators will really change anything, but it’s something that caught my eye. In the end, it’s all about the string comparison, so as long as the strings match formats, the presence or absence of separators shouldn’t matter.

Your use of Integromat’s addMinutes function is incorrect. The addMinutes function takes the starting time as the first argument before the semicolon. That second formula should be this:

DATETIME_FORMAT(Scheduled, "D/MM/YYYY H:mm") = "{{formatDate(addMinutes(now; 15); "D/MM/YYYY H:mm")}}"

Even with that fixed, though, that won’t give you all matching entries within the next 15 minutes. It would only give you entries that are exactly 15 minutes from the current time. Finding entries that fall within a range of time would be a much more complex formula.

Before working on that time range issue, though, let’s first nail down why the exact match isn’t working. Would you please share a screenshot of your actual Integromat scenario setup where that first formula is being used? Something tells me that might shed some light on things. Also, would you please share more details about your use case and what you’re trying to accomplish? All that I can tell right now is that you’re trying to schedule posts. There may be other ways to pull this off, but knowing your end goal would be helpful.